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  1. This is the BEST meat ever. After our first meal of Barbarosa Ranchers’ beef, I was hooked. Now, when I go out to eat at restaurants, the only thing I order is fish because “regular” meat tastes so bad, compared to Barbarosa Ranchers’ meat. Barbarosa’s meat is tender and flavorful, but more importantly it tastes fresh and clean. Barbarosa Ranchers’ customer service is outstanding and the meat is a culinary delight!

  2. I have been to the ranch to see where this wonderful meat comes from. The ranch brings to mind the happy cows commercial about milk. It’s amazing that they can farm so much grass up there in that climate. They work very hard to give you the best, most healthy, and tasty meat available.

  3. These guys are the real deal. We are so lucky to have these local ranchers so near us raising pasture-fed animals in a sustainable manner. I have been buying their products for over a year now and honestly they have set the standard in my book, both for health and taste. I am so happy they have decided to start this CSA. My only desire is they find a way to consistently sell their organ meats. Thanks so much Tyler and Company!

  4. We’ve purchased meat from Tyler several times over the years and have been impressed with the quality of meat and personal service. One chicken easily feeds our family of 9, and not only does the chicken make the meal, but the bones make a fantastic stock that I freeze for soups. Since our meat comes from a trustworthy source, I’ll confidently use every last bone.

  5. Barbarosa Ranchers meat is simply fantastic. We’ve been buying meat from them, at Northern California Farmers Markets, and through their newly started CSA down here in San Francisco (yay!), for over 4 years now, and make a conscious effort to stock up on their goods so we always have some on hand. We have also visited their Ranch outside of Red Bluff and were thrilled to see their cattle and sheep roaming free on the pristine, green hills.

    So, beyond a doubt, this place is the real deal if you’re looking for natural grass fed-n-finished beef and lamb. And they now have chicken and pork to boot, both of which are amazing.

    And to top it off, the folks who run it are super friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. What’s not to love? Try the meat and you’ll see. It’s that simple.

  6. For the past three years, I have purchased a lamb from Tyler. While lower quality lamb has a strong flavor that some feel is undesirable, Tyler’s lamb has a subtle buttery flavor that maintains its distinct character. Even if you don’t think you like lamb, it’s worth giving it another try from Barbarosa Meats!

    Tyler has always been accommodating and friendly in response to my annoying curiosity-driven questions about the lamb themselves as well as my increasingly detailed and picky custom butchering instructions. All of this has made buying from Barbarosa Meats an occasion to look forward to!

  7. I’ve been eating Barbarosa beef–and more recently, chicken and pork–for several years now. As a fellow vendor at the Redding Certified Farmers Market, I jump for joy when Tyler or his dad, Frank, want to trade meat for my produce, because a) it’s totally delicious, b) I stretch my meat-buying budget, and c) it’s exactly what I want to eat–locally grown, grass-fed, from humanely-raised animals. So, I’ll buy it with my hard-earned dollars, too. I am thrilled to support local, sustainable agriculture this way, and I just don’t have any reservations about eating a burger from a cow–bacon from a pig, or a leg from a chicken– that I “know,” so to speak. Sorry, vegetarians…I’ve given up eating lots and lots of meat, but as long as I have Barbarosa and a few other local producers as an option, I’m eating meat. Oh, and it helps that it tastes so good, yes it does…Plus, these are just really nice people to do business with! Good ethics, good eats.

  8. We’ve been buying lamb and beef from Tyler for several years now. You can really taste the difference. The lamb especially has a very characteristic and tasty “terroir,” a term usually reserved for wine but definitely appropos here. We’ve become really spoiled. It’s hard to settle for commercially produced meat anymore. I’m very excited that they’ve started up their CSA!

  9. We feel truly lucky to have access to Barbarosa’s grass-fed, naturally raised, and delicious beef, lamb, pork, chicken and yes even goat. So much so that we have filled our freezer for the winter. What a luxury! Thank you Tyler and John for believing in quality, for backing up your beliefs with action, and for sharing your excellent meats with us.

    • Just a quick clarification on Cathie’s note: We have sold goat meat (chevon) in the past and likely will in the future (maybe 2010, but don’t hold your breath), but currently (as of 2009) we don’t have any.

  10. My meat selection has gone into the criteria of knowing where and agreeing with how the animals are raised… this is high quality meat from the efforts by which the animals are raised that feed my conscience well and the delicious flavor that nourishes my tastebuds and to note the human personalities that bring this all to my fork – well, they just make me smile. 🙂

  11. We picked up our first-ever order of Barbarosa meats on a rainy Mother’s Day morning this year. That night we had my favorite, grilled lamb chops. (cuz I’m the mom, and it was my day, after all…) I marinated them in olive oil, balsamic and red wine vinegars, crushed garlic, rosemary (duh…), dijon, kosher salt, pepper, and a touch of honey. My hubby worked his magic on the grill, and we then we dined on quite simply the best lamb chops I have ever tasted in my life. Really. They were so fresh, mild, and “clean” tasting, if that makes sense. No “lambiness” at all, and I actually don’t mind the usual lamby flavor–but these were just SO much better than ordinary store-bought lamb. We even took pictures of the chops after they came off the grill. Yep, we’re geeks.
    Thank you Tyler and John. You are making a difference!

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