Barbarosa proudly and conscientiously raises a number of the north state’s finest meats.  Each species is raised as close to its nature state as we can.

Grassfed Beef

Our beef comes from a closed herd of cattle that are raised on Big Bluff Ranch. These cattle have been selected for decades to match the landscape as well as eating characteristics.

Grassfed Lamb

Our lamb comes from Tyler’s flock of Katahdin hair sheep. These sheep are not “woolies.” They are a more natural sheep that sheds its wool every spring without having to be shorn.  To cut a long story short, this type of sheep produces some of the sweetest, least gamy lamb you will have ever tried.

Free range Pork

Our pork is free ranged on our irrigated pasture where they have the opportunity be “piggy.” They root, they wallow, and they have the best quality of life that a pig could have.  What pig wouldn’t love that freedom, plus being fed organic feed every morning?

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chicken is so much better than the grocery store version that you won’t believe that it is the same animal. By raising our chicken out on pasture in the sun, we are giving our chickens the absolute best lifestyle and they take full advantage of that. They love to chase bugs, take dust baths and nibble at the most tender bits of the grass. We supplement their diet with organic feed.

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