About Tyler

Tyler grew up on Big Bluff Ranch 25 miles west of Red Bluff, CA. As he got older, and his dreams of being a fireman began to fade and nothing much was filling the void, he awoke to the fact that ranching was what he wanted to do. His parents kept mentioning that ranching was a hard lifestyle and that perhaps he should find a better career path, but his love for the land that he grew up on was worth every penny he wouldn’t earn.

18 hours after graduating from Claremont McKenna College in 2000, Tyler was back on the ranch. This is when Big Bluff Ranch meats started growing. Tyler started attending local farmer’s markets to sell the family’s grassfed beef.  He quickly learned that people wanted something other than beef. Luckily, as soon as Tyler was back on the ranch, he had the opportunity to buy 200 goats. So he started selling beef and goat meat. Now when someone asks if you have something other than beef, they usually aren’t thinking goat, no matter how yummy it is.  So Tyler switched his goat mob into a sheep flock. Now people were happy to have beef or lamb options.

But soon it became clear than people wanted even more options. Tyler had run out of extra time and energy. Luckily, he met John and they struck up a solid friendship as well as a business relationship.  With John’s energy, the dynamic duo was able to expand into free range pork and pasture chicken. In a nutshell, that is how Tyler ended up selling meat and living on a ranch.

A random fact is that he got married to Holly Myers on  Oct 3rd 2009 at the ranch. Check out the post about the wedding.


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