Movie night at the ranch

Movie night on Memorial Day: May 27-29th

Do you have plans for Memorial day yet? If not, then plan to head up to Big Bluff Ranch where we raise all of our Barbarosa livestock. We are planning a unique event over this fun weekend.  drumroll, please… Ever watch a movie in the fields during the spring? Nope, we didn’t think so. Just think of it; the grass is green and fragrant and the nights are still nice and crisp. You bring your blankets, camping chairs and favorite beverage and huddle up to watch a nice flick. This is the best drive in (sit in?) movie theater you will ever experience.

We are also going be taking some pasture hikes, which will take us past the chickens (baby and adult), the sheep (lambs abound this year), the cows, the pigs (plenty of little piglets around here), and possibly even a few goats as well.  Want to learn what our daily routine is to take care of all of these animals. Well, don’t come to close or I will put you to work.

Above and beyond all of these fun things, you will have access to our entire ranch to play in. Want to splash in the creek? Done, I will tell you the best swim hole. Widlflowers? Should be plenty left to enjoy. Panoramic views? We can point out the best places on the ranch to survey most of the northern Sacramento Valley.

Simply put, come visit the ranch and experience the magic.

  • Attendance: Limited to the first 50 who sign up.
  • Cost: $25/adults. Kids are free
  • Meals: We will cook a big meal for on Saturday night, but all other dinners are potluck style. Breakfast and lunch are own your own.
  • Events: We’ll have to see what the spring brings us, but a hayride/ranch tour is likely.

Our straw bale brooder with 650 chicks in it

Yep – we are back in action on the chicken front and bigger than ever. We are aiming for about 600 chicks per flight this year, up from the 300 last year. You will start to see these birds for sale about 9 weeks from now.

ps – I am posting more videos and short blurbs about ranch life on our facebook page. Friend us and you will get all of the latest and greatest.