Watch us working our cows in the corrals

If you raise cattle, you will inevitably need to work them in the corrals. You might need to sort off heavy steers, mark and brand the calves, preg check the cows, and many other little tasks. We do it a little different out here. We work out cattle on foot and spend a fair amount of time training our cattle to run through the corrals so that the whole experience is not stressful for them or us.

A couple of weeks ago, we brought our cows in from the range so we could work them through the corrals. Alfred, our buddy who helps out on the ranch now, always has his camera with him and took a little video of our final run through. A couple of things to notice in this video.

  1. How quiet the cattle are. The quieter they are, the less stress they are feeling.
  2. This is the seventh time we ran the cows through the corrals in 2 days. If they didn’t want to go back into the  corrals, they wouldn’t. Another sign of how little stress they are feeling.
  3. The first guy you see in the video is my Dad, and then the guy who talks a lot and waves his arms is me.

The take home lesson from this little video about how we handle our cattle is that the calmer they are, the calmer we are (and vice versus), the calmer the cows are the less likely they are to get sick or not gain well ( a good thing for them and for the final eating experience). Stress is bad and we make sure to add as little stress to our cattle’s lives as possible, even when we run them through the corrals.


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