Pork is here!

Greg Massa's kids feed the pigs their morning ration of soaked wheat.They 're feeding them on top of this row of cattails in hopes that the pigs will get rid of the cattails, which can be a troublesome weed in organic rice.

We are finally getting some pork back in stock. I don’t know about you but I have been craving home grown bacon and home made carnitas. Not usually at the same time, but now that I think about it, there might be something there. hmmm. I am sure that you have had your own pork cravings but have been stymied by our lack of inventory. Well, rejoice pork lovers, we are back.

This latest batch of pork was raised in even a more special manner than our usually free-range, almost organic operation. We decided to partner with Greg over at Massa Organics, home of the world’s best brown rice. Since Greg is an organic farmer, he can’t spray out his most persitent weeds. Crop rotations can help reduce the weeds, but the thing Greg needed was a whole bunch of guided shovels going after cattail roots. I didn’t have any high tech solutions, but I did have a few old world pigs that would fit the bill.  Pigs love nothign better in this world than rooting up, well, roots. Check out this video of them getting down and dirt or check out more photos on their Facebook page.

Greg has had this pigs on his rice paddies for the past two months or so and they have done a great job for him. Now, they are going to to a great job making your morning meals that much more enjoyable.

Head over to The Foragers.com to order some our pork. It will be ready for delivery in March.