Snow! (a couple of days ago)

On New’s Eve, Holly and I had celebrated East coast time and went to bed early. There isn’t much of a party scene when your nearest neighbor is three miles away. Neither of us had paid attention to the weather and as I went to bed, I noticed that the skies were clear, so I figured no rain, no big deal.

When we woke up the next morning, we kept hearing this soft “phsft” on the roof. Nothing seemed to be the matter, so we didn’t worry about it. But when I got up and looked out the window, it all became clear. SNOW. Yep, over night we had about 5 inches of snow fall.

On the ranch, snow comes every 3-5 years and never sticks around very long. As a kid, I tobaggoned on the ranch once or twice. Mostly I remember that it was more of a mud slide rather than a snow slide after the first run. However, this was Holly’s first snow on the ranch and she thought it was pretty magical, and it is.

Since it rarely snows here, when it does we get to see our home in a whole new light. The way the snow lands on trees and the ground highlights a new way of seeing our ranch. I can’t quite explain it, but magical is close.

Fun is also a good term to use when thinking about snow on the ranch.  We did all sorts of snow country things:

  • We used our four wheel drive truck to “plow” the road so my sister could get to the airport.
  • We had to split wood that was snow covered.
  • We watched out for that “yellow snow.”
  • We lounged in front of the fire and called it a snow day.

When I went out to feed the pigs, I took a little video of that to show you what the pigs thought of snow and I also to a few panoramic pans so you can see the ranch in its white coat of winter.

UPDATE: After enjoying all of the delights of snow, we went to bed and sometime in the night is started to rain. We went woke up the snow had disappeared as quickly and silently as it had appeared. It was like someone came out with an erasure and wiped away all the snow.