Last Turkey post for awhile

So this is is it – we are on the downhill slope to T-day. Time to start thinking of the food, company, and how the combination of the two creates that special holiday cheer.  I can’t wait.

Here is a little list of reason why you might want to consider using one of our turkeys for your holiday:

  • Taste – no supermarket, not even a Whole Foods, bird will taste as good as this one
  • Breed – We raised a standard Bronze Turkey. This breed is not commercially viable and so by buying a turkey from us you are helping keep an entire breed of turkeys alive and well. “eat it to save it”
  • Local – heck, this bird was raised in your backyard compare to a supermarket bird (unless of course, you raise your own turkeys)
  • humanely processed – We harvested and processed these birds by ourselves on our ranch. There isn’t any way that any other bird could possibly have had as good an ending to their life as ours.
  • Did I mention taste?
  • Family farm – folks like you keep folks like us in business. Small farms are a dying breed and each one is worthy of being saved and encouraged. The more success folks like we have, the more folks like us there will be.

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