Last Turkey post for awhile

So this is is it – we are on the downhill slope to T-day. Time to start thinking of the food, company, and how the combination of the two creates that special holiday cheer.  I can’t wait.

Here is a little list of reason why you might want to consider using one of our turkeys for your holiday:

  • Taste – no supermarket, not even a Whole Foods, bird will taste as good as this one
  • Breed – We raised a standard Bronze Turkey. This breed is not commercially viable and so by buying a turkey from us you are helping keep an entire breed of turkeys alive and well. “eat it to save it”
  • Local – heck, this bird was raised in your backyard compare to a supermarket bird (unless of course, you raise your own turkeys)
  • humanely processed – We harvested and processed these birds by ourselves on our ranch. There isn’t any way that any other bird could possibly have had as good an ending to their life as ours.
  • Did I mention taste?
  • Family farm – folks like you keep folks like us in business. Small farms are a dying breed and each one is worthy of being saved and encouraged. The more success folks like we have, the more folks like us there will be.

Turkey, Turkey, Turkeys

Ok, not our turkeys, but this is what they would have looked like if we raised turkeys in jolly ol' England. If you want to see shots of our turkeys, look for the links to the videos I took.

It’s just about time for the best holiday ever. Why is it so good? The food, duh, and most specifically, the turkey. No real t-day meal could be complete with out turkey taking its place front and center on the plate.

Not all turkey is created equal. Just like local beef is better than store bought, locally raised turkey will beat the socks off of any store bought turkey. We, your favorite Barbarosa Ranchers, grew a whole bunch of turkeys for this year’s holiday season, because we knew that folks would want the type of turkey that we grow.

An early reviewer had this to say about our turkeys:

We had a pre-Thanksgiving turkey dinner with a Barbarosa turkey last week – absolutely delicious. It made super tasty gravy and smelled fabulous as soon as it started cooking. Highly recommended!

Ok, so it was my mom who wrote that, but still, she speaks truth.  If you are interested in testing out our turkeys for this holiday, here are some tidbits of info will help you order from us.

Videos of the turkeys growing:
Poults in the Brooder
Turkeys in the field

Delivery Date and locations: Turkeys will be delivered on the weekend of the 11/13 to locations all around the bay area.
Weight: 18-22lbs with some smaller and larger ones available
Cost: $5.25/lb

How to Order:
We have partnered with The to handle all of our online sales and CSA deliveries. Head on over to their site to check out what they do and to order a turkey. Order our turkeys here on The

Post Rain equals glorious days

We had over 4″ of glorious rain over the past week or so. After rains like these, the air is so clean and everything is so bright that it is a soul uplifting experience to go outside. I hope that this video captures a little of what it is like to be here right now.