Pseudo flying Pt II

Today, I will show you the rest of the ranch.  I moved over to the other side of the hill to show you the back part of the ranch. I narrate all sorts of interesting details for your to gaze upon. However, after uploading this video and watching it, I realize that my Droid is not quite as high res as I thought. So, you won’t quite be able to see the details I am mentioning, but feel free to use your imagination to fill in the missing details.


It’s like flying over the ranch

Barbarosa Ranchers raises all of its meats on Big Bluff Ranch, Tyler’s family’s ranch west of Red Bluff.  Our slice of heaven is either vertical or flat, we don’t have any rolling terrain. One of the cool aspects of having such elevation change is that once on top of a hill, you look straight down and you feel like you are getting an aerial view. I had to climb to the top of the largest hill on the ranch and took a quick video up there.

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