Special last minute offer

Hey, don't fret if you aren't an alumnus, we got a special deal for you!

Ok, so it isn’t meat and/or ranch related (directly that is) but it is related to agriculture in general. You may or may not know, that Holly and I met during a two-year long fellowship funded by the California Agriculture Leadership Foundation. So in this two-year program, the goal is to take agricultural/community leaders and expose them to larger and grander visions of what leadership means. For roughly 80 days out of 2 years, we would meet at various land grant campuses around the state and meet with a variety of interesting people and discuss a variety of interesting topics. It would be a whole long post to discuss all of the things we learn, but  some highlights  are: meeting with Justice Scalia, White House Briefing, Dinner party with US ambassador to Bosnia in Bosnia, tour of San Quentin, meeting with Leon Panetta (pre-CIA days), and well you see why I would need another post to cover our experience. But, for me, the best thing was Holly. Ahhhhh, ain’t I sweet? The program is amazing and if you have any connection to agriculture, I would recommend applying.

For you special blog readers, I have an opportunity for you to experience a weekend like what Holly and I were privileged to experience. Holly has been active in the alumni organization and has crafted an awesome seminar in the Bay Area. Here is what Holly has put together.

In keeping with the Region 1 theme, Climate of Change, Region 1 alumni and friends are invited to attend a 1.5 day seminar in San Francisco to explore multi‐curturalism in America with a closer look at the immigration and integration of the Asian‐American population. KTSF, with a viewer base of 1.4 million Bay Area Asian‐Americans, one of the largest media outlets in the country, has graciously agreed to sponsor our investigation as they host us at their studios. We will:

  • Speak to KTSF’s general manager and staff to learn about the challenges of media in the 21st century combined with dynamics of targeting a specific but diverse demographic.
  • Learn about 2nd and 3rd generational issues associated with an immigrating culture and how the issues vary between Asian cultures.
  • Examine the challenges these cultures faced in their immigration which will include a visit to Angel Island.
  • Meet with the head of the Hepatitis B awareness campaign targeting Asian Americans (1 in 10 Bay Area Asian Americans is estimated to be infected with Hepatitis B resulting in San Francisco’s liver Francisco’s cancer rate, the highest in the country)

Here is what I would say about it. Ag Leadership does its best to get you behind the scenes, talk to the real mover and shakers, and to make you see your world in a new light. I know what we are going to do during this seminar and I can guarantee that you won’t look at your Bay Area the same after you are done with this weekend. Really and truly, it will shake you up in a good way.

Think about it for a second, then register – time is short. To register, you can contact me here through the blog or register online.


Update: Free Range, Organic Turkeys

In my last post about turkeys, I took a video of them in their brooder. Back then, they were just large fuzz balls. Well, they have grown. Not long after that video I moved them out to pasture so they could free range around the chickens. At first, I had them in a chicken coop, but after a couple of days of figuring out their new abode, they started flying out of it. When that started to happen, I figured “ok, I guess that they are going to be free rangers then.” Now I just provide them some shelter from the sun, roosts to sleep on, and as much pasture as they want to nibble on.

So far, I am really enjoying raising these turkeys. Watch the video and you will see why.

If you want to order one of our turkeys for Thanksgiving, head over to our turkey page on The Foragers.