Wall o’ Pork Goodness

This week was a good week.  Last week, I was watching our inventory shrink rapidly down to nothing. This lead me to all sorts of thoughts about “OMG, what do I sell?” which is never good for my beauty sleep. But, this week, I got a call from our butcher saying “your pork is ready.”  After I got over the heart attack of how much the processing bill was, I became giddy at all of the yummy pork we had. Mmmmm, bacon, grilled chops, pulled pork sandwhichs…oh, I just got hungry. Anyways, that is why this week was good. We got our pork on!

I took a quick little video on what 12 hogs look like when they are turned into pork and put into our freezer. Enjoy.


Porcine Fecundity

I got into the pig business about two years ago now. In all that time, I always said that I have no desire to breed pigs. I would just find a quality breeder and finish their weaners on our pasture. Well, never say never. Check out the video.

Open Ranch Weekend – May 15th

There is nothing like a spring weekend on our ranch; the grass is green, the oaks have just leafed out, and all the animals are fat and happy with their babies running around. Spring time is the best time for just about everything. We just walk around with happy little grins on our faces all the time.  We would love to put a happy little ranch grin on your face, too. To facilitate that grin, we would love to invite you up to the ranch for a weekend to experience it with us.


Noon-ish May 15 till mid-morning on May 16th.

What are we going to do?:

  • Afternoon: Starting at 2pm, we will walk around (2 miles max) and look at a whole bunch of cool ranch features, like the creek, fields and our animals.  I am going to get excited about showing off all of this stuff and you are going to get a huge excited earful of talk about flowers, grasses, natural systems, food, nutrition (animal and human), and who knows what else. You will also be around for the afternoon feeding, so you will see first hand how we take care of our chickens and pigs.
  • Early evening: Potluck BBQ. We ranch folks will take care of the protein (what, you thought we would bring the salad?) As the date gets closer, we will coordinate what dishes people should be bringing and what sort of prep area we can provide. Also, plan on this being a BYOB (or 2) event.
  • Night: We are 40 minutes from town, so just let that inform your plans. Town has plenty of hotels, if that is how you roll. But if you are a camper, we would love to have you pitch a tent or park a camper out here. We think that this is the best bet as it takes all of your travel stress away plus you will be around for the sunset and sunrise.
  • Morning: Wake up when you want to. Putter around for awhile – take your own self-guided hike, sit and read, or just relax. Then break camp and hit the road with a full belly and enriched spirit.

How Much?:

Hey, we are all friend’s here, right? No cost for the weekend, just your lovely presence is all we require.


We have to limit the attendance to this event, just so we can maintain some of our sanity. The first lucky 20 folks will get the golden ticket.

RSVP Here, Thanks!

Missed the Deadline and/or Can’t make that weekend?:

Never fear, we have two more open ranch weekends in the works:

  • For the Fourth of July, we are planning to have a BBQ and movie night. If anyone is interested in fireworks, we can hike to the top of the “Big Bluff” and watch the fireworks in Red Bluff, 25 miles away.
  • This fall, we will be having a Burgers and Brew Fest. The name says it all; lots of different type of homegrown burgers (beef burgers, lamb sliders, pork sloppy joes, who knows what else?) and lots of brews (does an IPA go well with a beef or lamb burger or is an Ale a better fit?). Stay tuned for the date and more details as we get closer to fall.

Ranchers geeky skills shown to be pseudo

April 12th 2010 – RED BLUFF CA

Tyler Dawley, CTO of Barbarosa Ranchers, had a little egg thrown on his face recently. He failed to correctly configure his email campaign to send out the RSS feed from his blog.  His intentions were sound; to provide his email subscribers with more timely and relevant information. Unfortunately, his vision outreached both his geeky skills as well as his patience. Rather than using the “configuring-testing-reconfiguring” method of skilled geeks, he utilized the “configure-figure it is close enough” methodology of pseudo geeks. This poor choice of methodologies lead to an unfortunate number of blank emails being sent out.

Mr Dawley said “I am prostrate with grief over this grievous error. I thought I was on top of the technology, but obviously this technology got the better of me.”

As a huge proponent of the joys of technology and how the cutting edge of technology can interface with the age-old industry of agriculture,  Mr Dawley hopes that his loyal customers will stay to tuned to his newsletter, (especially as he has fixed the error (or so he really really hopes)) and continue to enjoy his remarks about the ranch and life in general.

Get thee outside

As your local self-proclaimed expert on spring time experiences, I recommend that you go outside ASAP.  I base this recommendation on the glorious day that was yesterday.  Truly, a day for rejuvenating the soul after winter. The sky was a deep tranquil blue.  You can see the pulse of the tree quickening in the color of its leaves; each leaf is bright green, eager to accept the nourishing sunlight. The range is growing so quickly that it feels as if the earth is heaving up at you. The range is in a race to grow while there is still moisture in the soil, but it isn’t a onerous race.  For the range plants, it is a joy to grow with abandon, just like it is a joy for a dog to run full out.

As you walk through the joy of springtime, bare your arms to the sun, let the sun chase away all of the cold drafty chills and disappointments of winter. Let the outrageous passion and energy of spring seep into your soul and buoy up all of your hopes and dreams.

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.  ~Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe

Spring Rush

Is anyone else noticing that time is flying at a faster pace than usual this spring? For me, each day seems to have at least a week’s worth of events happen in it.  Now, don’t get me wrong, spring time is always crazy. Nothing like some sun, green grass, and beef harvest to get the blood pumping. But this spring has just added on a whole bunch of new stuff.  I was trying to pick out some interesting tasks that I have been taking care of, so I made a list of what I have done in the last month or so. I ended up with so many tasks that I can’t really pick one out.

Things that I got done in the past month:

  • spent a week in DC on business and family fun
    • Business was related to my CA Ag Leadership program
    • Also visit some folks at the USDA in charge of some very intriguing grant programs
    • Got to hang out with my lil sis and eat some fun food.
  • bought a new (to me, that is) truck – look for me in a silver F250 these days.
  • harvested the first of this year’s lambs
  • harvested the first of this year’s pork
  • found and hired a company to do our soon-to-be revealed on-line CSA service (oh boy, you are going to be sooooo impressed. I can’t wait!)
  • talked to a whole bunch of people about our summer CSA,
    • things are looking good for our fiscal viability at this rate.
  • talked to suppliers for the additional items (local olive oil, brown rice, cherve) to our CSA
  • arrange to buy some goat kids from our chevre supplier.
    • look to  try some goat meat this fall (It is seriously good. Do not fail to try it)
  • Ordered meat chickens – an exciting new heritage type breed that should be awesome to raise and eat
    • the first ones should show up next week
  • scheduled our turkey orders for this year
  • and oh so many more things

Life is good! Life is busy!