Break time (for the holidays)

Well, I will be back at the beginning of the new year.

Yep, the holidays have certainly snuck up around here. It is tough to believe that it is possible for that to happen with the massive amounts of hype surrounding the season, but somehow it turns out that Christmas is only a couple of days away. Christmas is my second favorite holiday after Thanksgiving. Both the holidays involve the gathering of the family at the ranch and plenty of good food and company. I enjoy my semi hermit-like life, but it is always great to have the family here, even if they do interrupt my routine.

I will be stepping away from the blog for the next week to 10 days in order to enjoy the holiday fully. Before I depart, I wanted to leave you with some things to look forward to as well as some things to look back upon.


  • An updated “About Us” section of the blog
    • I plan to dig into all of our production practices as well as our philosophies and principles
  • Some cool news about how our CSA is going to be run
    • Maybe a Paypal option for payment?
  • Videos
    • I think that Barbarosa is going to get itself a Flip camera for Christmas so we can start showing you in high def, all of the things that go on here at the ranch.
  • Goals and Aspirations for 2010
    • We try to be as open and honest as possible with our customers, so we are planning to list what we want to do in 2010. Hopefully, our wonderful customers can help us achieve our big goals for the upcoming year.


Enjoy your holidays as much as I intended to.


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