Let it rain!

Did you know that rain gods are highly fickle and superstitious? They respond to jinxes, Murphy’s law, rain dances, and just plain cussedness. For the range manager, it is a highly refined skill to balance all of the factors necessary to get the rain gods to stand and deliver. The first storm of this year, back a couple of months ago, just happened with no intervention at all on my part. Well, maybe a little shimmy shake of a rain dance, but that was more of a warm up for later in the winter than any real attempt at making it rain. Apparently, it was a good shimmy because we got over 4″ which is much more than normal. It greened up the range and we even got some grass growth, which was great as we headed into winter.

Last storm when snow on the valley floor was predicted, I attempted the blunt reverse psychology of “it ain’t gonna rain or snow, so just go away.” Of course, I was hoping that I would trick the rain gods into delivering a snow day or two. Alas, they were too perceptive and saw right through me and only dropped ridiculously cold weather (read about it here or here and here).  In hindsight, I probably jinxed the storm. But you see that this is where years of skill and dedication come into play. I am but a novice at this art and obviously need to refine my technique.

This storm the rain gods seem to be working on cussedness.The first part of the storm was during my CSA deliveries.  So I as I was driving up and down I-5, it was dumping rain and of course, the windshield wiper blades need to be replaced. All it all, a good day, but the rain could have come a day earlier or a day later. These last two days of spluttering rain came right when I was all set to get some outside jobs done. We need a better supply of fire wood for the winter. We need to get the stock water system put to bed for for the winter. And, well the list just doesn’t really stop, but none of those were possible with any sort of comfort. So I have had to hole up and get some inside work done. Looking at my desk and its clutter you might not see what progress has been made, but I swear things are better now than two days ago.

As of right now, we are at about 6″ of rain for the year, and our YTD average is around 7.5″. By the end of Dec, our YTD avg is around 10″, so, although no year is average, we need about another 4″ in the next couple of weeks to keep up.

I guess that means I should start warming up my dancing shoes, getting my juju correct, and bribing Murphy to look the other way.

A brief peek from the sun in the middle of the rain.


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