You know it’s cold when…

If you live in CA, you probably have been inundated with weather reports predicting a new ice age. We were supposed to have a 1.5″ of snow here at the ranch. Well, no snow, not even rain, all we got was a frickin’ lot of cold air. Right now, I am wearing 3 layers, a scarf, a wool hat, and a blanket on my lap, and my fingers are still so cold that I can’t type very accurately (Finally, an excuse for my poor grammar and spelling).

This morning it was 11 when I woke up, which is only cold for the Sacramento Valley. But when you aren’t ready or used to it, that is cold. Our dogs are outside dogs and we make sure that they have spots to curl up and stay warm. But we never planned on this spot, but when it gets this cold, any port (or tub full of rags) in a storm will do apparently.

Dog on bed, dog in tub, dog on bed - Which one of these things doesn't belong? (Hint: any place that keeps you warm belongs)

Just leave me and my warm tub alone already.


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