Our beef is ready

Many of you have been wondering when our beef will be ready.  You and I both have been wondering that exact same thing. I have been watching the rain, the grass, the steers, and the sun trying to gauge when that magical moment of having all of those factors line up wouldl be.  It was a couple of months ago when those stars aligned, and off to the butcher the steers went. Our beef is ready now because the butcher dry ages the meat for 3 weeks before cutting it. So the beef that is coming out of the butcher this week went there about 3 weeks ago. I must admit that I held onto the first beef of this year, just because I was hungry for some beef.  I have been eating it for the past couple of weeks and man, it is good. Nothing like a late spring/early summer bbq addiction to start the grilling season off well. Barbarosa Burgers topped with farmer market onions, homemade pickles, and sharp cheddar cheese on a sprouted grain bun is darn near perfection if you ask me. But then I must remember our ribeye steaks with a pepper rub, cooked just short of medium rare and I might have to change my opinion.  Oh, but what about home made faijitas with a Barbarosa skirt steak and grilled veggies? Yep, that is good too.  So I guess the moral of the story is that it beef is good and I am happy my freezer is full again. Yours, too, can be full just send me an email to start working it all out. Check out our price page for this years prices.


Chicken Harvest this weekend

Barbarosa Ranchers is going to be harvesting our second flight of chickens of the year this weekend. We will working on both Saturday and Sunday. If anyone would like to pick up their chickens fresh from the chill tank, let us know. This a great excuse to come out to the ranch for the day and see all of the sights. We can point you to the creek for some exploration/splashing adventures. Also, if you let us know far enough in advance you can pick up other meats at the same time.

Here is a flyler/picture essay of last weekend’s harvest (ChickenHarvestFlyer).

Let the games begin!

Hi all,

Thanks for finding us on the web. Barbarosa Ranchers are excited to be out here in cyberspace. Sometimes, we spend so much time out in the fields that it is nice to sit at a computer and visit another reality.

Over time, we plan to expand this site to include more info about us and all that we do. For now, just be amazed that we were able to put this all together.

As you can tell, this site was put together using the “ready, fire, aim” method. So you will notice that not all the pages have content and that sometimes pages will be different when you come back. But as we refine our site, these idiosyncrasies will disappear.